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Regital Partner With Real Time Mobile Platform Zapp360

In recent years digital marketers have stressed the importance of mobile, over and over. The result of this is that many have tried to shoe horn it in to media plans as a matter of urgency but without any consideration of its context and audience.

We see things differently, for us 2014 is the year of a standalone mobile marketing strategy.

The way we market on mobile should not be treated as an extension of desktop. It should in itself be a unique entity and should be created and adapted accordingly.

With this in mind, Regital are proud to present our new mobile partner: Zapp 360.

Zapp are pioneers in using real-time messaging in mobile advertising. Their product delivers an ad message in a text unit ‘the scroller’ featuring the company logo and text message (the same length as a tweet) The 30 second ad, scrolls twice across the page, this scroller taps through to a url link or call to action. It is short, simple and to the point, perfect for catching users attention and relaying messaging in a succinct manner.

They are already delivering the highest CTR’s within the mobile market and it is not difficult to see why as this product was designed with mobile in mind as opposed to shrinking a desktop format and willing it to be successful.

It is fitting to the context, a mobile user, someone on the go, making quick immediate decisions. This product is highly reactive and can ensure relevant offers and discounts are in front of your audience at the appropriate time and in the relevant locations.

This is also a powerful tool in markets where competition is fierce. If a competitor announces a sale, your client can react within minutes, offering a similar offer. It is also a great way to create a buzz around an event via the countdown messaging.

See the below example:

screen_shot_2014-01-29_at_16.56.40_200x300.jpg screen_shot_2014-01-29_at_16.56.40_200x300.jpg