Media iQ Enterprise scales again

Following on from our recent post on the Regital team expansion, our partner Media iQ are hot on our tails by almost doubling their trading team in our offices. The new recruits include two new traders and two new Enterprise data engineers.

Enterprise is a Media iQ initiative which allows for the translation of business requirements into data and tech solutions.

It means that brands can connect their online systems and have a cohesive view of their customers.

iQ engineers can connect Pixel, CRM, AdServer, Web Analytics and even custom client integrations together. It creates better audience segmentation based on your data and more efficient look–a-like segments based on predictive data. In turn, it improves the accuracy and extends the reach of a campaign, with invaluable insights improving the results of your marketing strategy.

For more information get in touch with our client development team on 0161 974 0499.