Why viewability is only a starting point for your campaigns

Approaching viewability from a technical starting point is essential. It ensures you trade efficiently and only bid for legitimate inventory.

But once your viewability strategy is set, the reality is that you only have a 1 – 3 second window on-screen to get someone’s attention with your ad.

To maximise that window of opportunity, you should create a running Inventory Quality Score.

Alongside viewability, consider the percentage of screen real-estate the ad takes up, its View-Through percentage and its Audibility & Viewability On Completion rate (where video is used).

This will ensure you are optimising bids on inventory that is not only viewable, but has the maximum chance of making an impact.

The goal of all of this is to create time for your creative to do it’s primary job – get noticed.

While creativity is vital to stand out, our practical recommendation for that 1 – 3 second window is to front load display creative with key branding and logos to build frequency and brand recognition.

Video needs to be treated in context, with In Stream (pre/mid/post roll) and Out Stream (user initiated) video requiring different approaches.

We’re seeing many advertisers experimenting with sub-6 second spots as In Stream ads, especially for pre-rolls.

For Out Stream videos, there needs to be a creative pay-off every few seconds in order to retain attention.

Of course, all of this is aimed at getting people to spend more time with you as a brand and create an understanding of what you can do for them.

Whether that’s time created by owned and earned content, sequential re-marketing, email or display led tactical offers, the concept of viewability should only ever be the start.

Written by Steven Hough, Head of Strategy at Regital

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